New generation of fans driven by brushless motors


New generation of fans driven by brushless motors

With this new product, Hispacold takes position as reference technologic supplier in the climate systems market.

In 2001 Hispacold was a pioneer when it launched fans with brushless motors in its climate equipments, going one step ahead of the market necessities and the customers' demands. This bet on innovation and technology has an added value if we take into consideration that they were installed as standard in all their units and without additional costs for the customers.

Due to a longer life of these brushless motors, together with a more silent working and the possibility of varying the fans speed, the fans were very well received by the market, becoming this way a reference to be followed by other engine manufacturers.

According to its line of continuous innovation policy, Hispacold is making its fans range evolve constantly in order to provide them with better features for its customers. The first result of these efforts is the centrifugal fan of double impeller installed in the evaporators of its climate systems.

The main improvements we have introduced are focused on getting an important noise reduction, without neglecting one of the principal features of our range of fans operated by brushless motors: efficiency.

The higher efficiency of this new generation results in lower power consumption, highly valued among our customers, which means lower oil consumption.

We have got all this after an important researching effort and several laboratory as well as field tests, modifying the used plastic material and obtaining some geometrical improvements which have become the key to allow the noise reduction of up to 3dB. This means that the new evaporator fans can make half the noise.

In addition to this, the airflow has been improved and the power consumption has been lowered, increasing so the performance of these fans in 15%, and helping this way to reduce the oil consumption of the vehicle.

We should not forget that both fans of the evaporator and those of the condenser used by Hispacold climate systems have brushless motors that besides the features before mentioned, also have other improvements regarding older models with brushes; to mention a few, the electronic speed control, that allows the equipment to work in the best consumption conditions; the reduction of the starting consumption peaks to protect the vehicle battery; the automatic disconnection in case of blocking and a longer life due to the removal of the inside worn-out elements.

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