Hispacold gets consolidated in the Australian Market


Hispacold gets consolidated in the Australian Market

Adelaide's Public Transport Company (PTD) renews its confidence in the Sevillian Company and increases its initial order with the assignment of acclimatizing 150 new articulate vehicles.

"One of the main challenges we met in the beginning was the logical resistance due to the lack of knowledge about our brand products at the Australian continent", as Elena Rando, Market Responsible, states. "We have not only developed an equipment able to satisfy the customer, but we have also created an efficient network of after-sales services and we have made ourselves known among the main transport companies of the country "

It has been especially important the support we have received from Custom Coaches, one of the country's leading coach builders that owns at the present moment three factories at the Australian continent, and that has trusted Hispacold for this important contest.

The first step consisted in the supply of equipments for 12 meter long urban vehicles, but the real challenge was the design of a system able to cool urban 18 meter articulated vehicles.

After a long year of work a special unit for extreme temperatures has been developed in South Australia, and the demanding tests that confirm the capacity and high cooling speed of Hispacold's climate systems were finished during December.

The results of the tests carried out on the first vehicles with bodywork have been a surprise not only for PTD Management but also for their technical team, who have declared themselves as completely satisfied with the performance of the first units that already operate in Adelaide's streets.

This has led to the expansion of the initial order reaching 40 units for 12-meter vehicles and 150 units more for articulate vehicles aimed for the emblematic O-Bahn Buses.

The O-Bahn Buses are guided buses that run on especially-built tracks, driven in part or totally in a remote manner. These tracks avoid traffic congestion, allowing keeping more reliable schedules in high transit areas, even during peak hours. As a matter of fact, the O-Bahn Busway of the Australian city of Adelaide is the fastest and longest one of the world.

The high performance of Hispacold equipments is the result that comes from 35 years of experience of the company, which has bet on the development of technology of their own, so each component of the equipments is designed to work in a system that gives unbeatable results.

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