Internacional Hispacold acclimates Delhi's urban buses fleet


Internacional Hispacold acclimates Delhi's urban buses fleet

The Municipal Transport Company of the Indian city chooses Hispacold's equipments for their great refrigeration capacity and low consumption

Delhi Transport Corporation, the Municipal Transport Company of the Indian city, is more and more aware in the improvement of the quality of the service offered to their passengers and environment respect. For this reasons, they have bought 875 Low-Floor Vehicles to the Ashok Leyland Company, easily accessible and equipped with low polluting CNG engines. Delhi Transport Corporation has the largest fleet of CNG buses in the world.

Although for a start the units with acclimatizing equipments were to be 350, the good results of the tests carried out on the first units, the order has been increased up to 440 units.

The vehicles bodyworks are being manufactured by Ashok Leyland. This company, based in Chennai and founded in 1948, is one of the main manufacturers of commercial vehicles in India, such as trucks and buses, as well as emergency and military vehicles. Their sales reach the 60,000 units per year and they have as a target carrying more than 60 million passengers a day, more people than the whole Indian railway system.

Collaboration between Ashok Leyland and Hispacold began 8 years ago, when they supplied the climate system for the luxury vehicle Luxura. This relationship has become consolidated along time thanks to the top performance, the reliability and the endurance of Hispacold's products, being these aspects very appreciated if we consider the hard conditions Delhi's streets and the temperatures they reach.

The vehicle has been designed jointly by AL and Internacional Hispacold to obtain the highest performance, incorporating an air-conditioning unit for passengers and driver and an electronic control Ecomaster Clima. A group of technicians from the Sevillian Company have gone to India to supervise the installation and to make sure of the systems right working.

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