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Hispacold air conditioning on the Istanbul metro 27/09/2016

Hispacold air conditioning on the Istanbul metro

One of the latest contracts that Hispacold's railway division has been awarded is a strategic project involving the installation of air conditioning in 21 trains for line 5 of the Istanbul metro system.

Each train consists of 6 cars equipped with two semi flush-mounted HVAC systems each, thus involving the supply of 252 air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 75 kW per car.

The system validation stage has been completed and equipment start-up is scheduled for the last quarter of 2016.

This project has involved a considerable challenge for Hispacold. As well as meeting a tight deadline, it also had to comply with a localization commitment, making Hispacold the first European manufacturer to have obtained a Turkish certificate of origin.

Photograph courtesy of CAF