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With eco3, the Hispacold air purifier, you breath 09/05/2017

With eco3, the Hispacold air purifier, you breath

Air quality is a basic requirement of our health and the environment.

Society in general and health professionals are increasingly more concerned about the impact that breathing poor air quality has on health.

Polluted air is a problem, especially in our cities. Urban areas has the greatest concentration of industries and traffic, and it is where basically 80% of the population lives.

The measures adopted in recent years to try to solve the most serious problems of industrial pollution in cities have been able to significantly improve the situation. Nevertheless, the large increase in surrounding traffic has caused the poor air quality, due to vehicle emissions, to continue to entail a great danger to human health.

That is why officials and the passenger transportation industry are working firmly to achieve a more sustainable and healthy mobility in cities.

The bus is a collective means of transportation with little internal air renewal capacity due to the lack of ventilation systems. On the other hand, ventilation is achieved by introducing air from the outside into the compartment, and this air is also environmentally contaminated. In addition to the little air renewal capacity is the high number of commuters in urban routes and long duration in intercity routes. Air quality decreases as a consequence of poor ventilation, external pollution, and sources of internal pollution. Besides the viruses and bacterias in the air we breathe, there is a also a decrease in the percentage of oxygen in compartments with scarce renewal capacity due to people's breathing, but there are also impurities, particles and microorganisms in different parts of the vehicle.

In short, the pollution of cities, concentration of people and scarce air renewal have an effect on the atmosphere inside vehicles, reducing the level of oxygen, increasing the concentration of microorganisms, thus increasing the risk of disease transmission, the generation of unpleasant odors within the bus and causing a feeling of tiredness because the level of oxygen has been reduced.

In order to improve air quality inside buses and coaches, Hispacold has developed eco3, its air purifier that prevents unpleasant odors and neutralizes microogranisms, germs and allergenic pollen. eco3 is based on the generation of negative ions and ozone in adequate proportions, increases oxygen content, keeping levels healthy and preventing the air inside the vehicle from vitiating.

eco3 is placed in the air-conditioning equipment inlet and starts to work automatically whenever the Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is turned on. All of these advantages come with a very low –almost insignificant– electricity consumption.

The eco3 air purifier helps to create a clean, healthy and pleasant environment, removing unpleasant odors and reducing the feeling of tiredness of passengers and driver.

The eco3 air purifier works continuously throughout time and is effective for a long time without the need for maintenance, compared to other specific disinfection treatment, such as sprays or aerosols, effectiveness of which decreases from the moment it is applied.

eco3 can be installed in Hispacold HVAC systems both in new vehicles and in those that have not been retrofitted, which is why its benefits can reach all customers.

The eco3 air purifier has proved to be effective in vehicles in which it has been installed and it has been scientifically tested by the prestigious international company SGS Tecnos, an environmental expert.