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With Hispacold eco3 Air Purifier you can breathe easy 01/07/2020

With Hispacold eco3 Air Purifier you can breathe easy

Hispacold has developed eco3 with the specific aim of improving air quality inside buses and coaches. It is able to neutralise potentially harmful microbes as well as eliminating bad odours.

Through air ionisation, the Hispacold eco3 air purifier, maintains the natural balance of positive and negative ions in the air, boosting it with measured amounts of ozone, completely harmless to passengers.

The anions’ ability to destroy microbes has been well tested and clearly proven. The anions (negatively charged ions) also improve oxygen absorption and release of CO2 and stimulate the respiratory system.

The ozone released by the Hispacold eco3 air purifier acts as a disinfectant, removing bad smells. It generates ozone in amounts below the recommended SMO environmental levels (< 0.05 ppm).

  The Hispacold eco3 air purifier:

· Neutralises harmful microbes allergens and other germs.

· Eliminates bad odours.

· Restores natural air quality with the release of healthy negative ions.

· Prevents air becoming stale (by increasing oxygen concentration)

· Reduces the risk of contamination and illness through infection.

· Reduces travel sickness and nausea among passengers caused by stale air.

· Reduces driver drowsiness.

· Clusters airborne particles for more effective subsequent filtering and removal.

· Removes some chemical pollutants.

· Eliminates static electricity produced by television screens and other electronic gadgets.

The result: Healthier and cleaner, indoor air inside the vehicle. With eco3, breathe easy. 

eco3 is fitted inside the air conditioning unit, whose turbines release ions inside the vehicle, which, in turn, disinfects the interior. The benefits of the eco3 come with no additional electricity consumption.

Distinct from other air purifying systems, the eco3 is uniquely designed to function best when passengers are on board and when the vehicle is running.

The eco3 air purifier has been extensively tested in the marketplace. Almost 5.000 units are cleaning, disinfecting and purifying the air inside coaches and buses in more than 20 countries.

The eco3 air purifier can be installed both in vehicles equipped with Hispacold air conditioning systems and in those using other brands. Installation is simple, quick and clean. Fitting instructions are also simple, whether for new vehicles or for transport already in operation.

The eco3 air purifier has 20.000-hour life guarantee and does not need any maintenance.

Hispacold offers all operators with vehicles equipped with the eco3 air purifier, an identification sticker to put on their windscreen. An explanatory video about the features and functions of the eco3 purifier is available for all bus and coach operators with on-board screens, should they wish to publicise the product and inform their passengers about its benefits. 

The eco3 air purifier for Alsa vehicles

The international transport company Alsa, Spain’s leading bus and coach firm, concerned about the health and well being of its passengers, has introduced several measures to ensure passenger safety on its vehicles, as the installation of eco3 air purifiers on 800 vehicles in its fleet, among others. 

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Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional - Una forma de hacer europa

Internacional Hispacold S.A. participa en la Feria TransMea celebrada en El Cairo (Egipto) y cuenta con el apoyo de ICEX, así como con la cofinanciación de Fondos europeos FEDER, habiendo contribuido según la medida de los mismos, al crecimiento económico de esta empresa, su región y España en su conjunto.