Buses and Coaches

Our HVAC systems can adapt to every kind of vehicle and weather, and they guarantee the highest comfort for passengers and drivers, with maximum power efficiency and minimum operating costs.

L Series

Designed for vehicles up to 7m

Brushless evaporator blowers and condenser fans

Minimum height

High efficiency

Optional: 100% Fresh air intake / Rooftop heating / Climate control

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Rooftop unit
Unit cooling capacity 8,5 kW
Heating capacity 12 kW
Power consumption 96 A
Weight 75 kg
Compressor TM21
Displacement 210 c.c.
R.P.M. (max.) 6.000
Compressor weight 8,5 kg
Clutch weight 3,1 kg
Fan motors 2
Voltage 13 V
Power consumption 24 A
Air flow m³/h 4.740
Air Blowers 4
Voltage 13 V
Power consumption 70 A
Air flow m³/h 3.000
Designed for vehicles up to 7m
Units per vehicle 1
Brushless motors on evaporator blowers
Central air duct
Fresh air intake: mixture
Available in several different radius to match roof curvature
The unit is supplied with the following components