Buses and Coaches

Our HVAC systems can adapt to every kind of vehicle and weather, and they guarantee the highest comfort for passengers and drivers, with maximum power efficiency and minimum operating costs.


eCoice compressors (550cc and 660cc versions) are the core of Hispacold last generation HVAC systems. They offer the highest power and performance in the minimum space. eCoice is an eco product designed to provide maximum power efficacy, optimizing weight, volume and power consumption.

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Central Heating

Hispacold Central Heating is a device that allows the regulation of the heating water flows through the different circuits of the vehicle.

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Control panels

Top range automatic controls regulate comfort inside the vehicle, not only at the driver's area, but also at the passengers' area. They are provided with sun radiation, relative humidity and dirty filter sensors, besides temperature sensors.

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Driver Comfort Unit

This device allows demist front window in little time, and also to reach the desired temperature inside the vehicle.

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eCo3 Air Purifier

Air Purifier eCo3 improves the air quality inside the vehicle, avoiding bad smells, neutralising micro-organisms, germs and allergens. Besides, it increases oxygen concentration, maintaining healthy levels of it and preventing the air to get foul.

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