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Air Purifier eco3 improves the air quality inside the vehicle, avoiding bad smells, reducing micro-organisms, germs and allergens. Besides, it increases oxygen concentration, maintaining healthy levels of it and preventing the air to get foul

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Air quality is a basic requirement of our health and the environment.

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In order to improve air quality inside buses and coaches, Hispacold has developed eco3, its air purifier that prevents unpleasant odors and reduces microogranisms, germs and allergenic pollen. eco3 is based on the generation of negative ions and ozone in adequate proportions, increases oxygen content, keeping levels healthy and preventing the air inside the vehicle from vitiating.

eco3is placed in the air-conditioning equipment inlet and starts to work automatically whenever the Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is turned on. All of these advantages come with a very low –almost insignificant– electricity consumption.

The eco3 air purifier helps to create a clean, healthy and pleasant environment, removing unpleasant odors and reducing the feeling of tiredness of passengers and driver.

The eco3 air purifier works continuously throughout time and is effective for a long time without the need for maintenance, compared to other specific disinfection treatment, such as sprays or aerosols, effectiveness of which decreases from the moment it is applied.

eco3 can be installed in Hispacold HVAC systems both in new vehicles and in those that have not been retrofitted, which is why its benefits can reach all customers.

The eco3 air purifier has proved to be effective in vehicles in which it has been installed and it has been scientifically tested by the prestigious international company SGS Tecnos, an environmental expert.



  • Remove odors
  • Decrease biological pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, molds, allergens and germs
  • Increases oxygen concentration, keeping healthy levels and avoiding stuffy inside.
  • Reduces driver’s sleepiness
  • Reduces infection risk
  • Prevents passenger’s dizziness and nausea feeling
  • Can be installed in new equipment and in those already working
  • Removes dust in the air
  • Removes some pollutants gases

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