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Hispacold aims to revolutionise the experience of travel on buses, coaches and railway vehicles by extensively improving air quality and has launched an air purifier which eliminates toxins, microbes, germs and allergens and neutralises bad odours.

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Ions and ozone as effective disinfectants

eco3, which works by generating a sufficient amount of negative ions and ozone, raises the concentration of oxygen in the air and eliminates odours, ensuring that healthy air circulates and doesn’t become stale.

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eco3 is placed in the air-conditioning equipment inlet and starts to work automatically whenever the Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is turned on. All of these advantages come with a very low –almost insignificant– electricity consumption.

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Unlike other systems, the eco3 purifier is designed specifically to function when the vehicle is in motion with passengers on board, optimising its effectiveness. The eco3 purifier drastically reduces bacteria, viruses, fungi, volatile organic compounds, allergens, etc.


eco3 air purifier has been extensively tested and certified as fully effective by SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. This included road tests carried out on vehicles previously equipped with the purifier unit.


Product features

  • Neutralises and eliminates biological air pollutants and germs including bacterias, viruses and airborne irritants like pollen, dust and mould allergens.
  • Keeps air healthy by increasing the concentration of oxygen in atmosphere to prevent the sensation of being unable to breathe properly.
  • Stops the driver becoming drowsy.
  • Reduces the risk of infection, illness and disease from airborne transmission.
  • Prevents motion sickness among passengers.
  • Can be fitted in new vehicles or in transport already in circulation.
  • Eliminates dust particles in the air.
  • Eliminates certain gaseous.
  • Eliminates bad odours.

According to the Spanish quality standard UNE 100012: 2005 on air pollution, the maximum microbial count for indoor environments should be less than 800 UFC/m3. A higher mesophilic aerobic micro-organism count (or aerobic colony count or Aerobic Plate Count (APC) or Mesophilic count) means corrective measures need to be taken.

*Aerobic mesophilic flora is taken into consideration when the temperature for microbial growth is optimal at between 20ºC y 45ºC.


Air samples were taken from vehicles with, and without, the eco3 air purifier. Following laboratory tests, the aerobic colony count (or Aerobic Plate Count (APC)/or Mesophilic count (CFU/m3) was reduced by 93% in the vehicles fitted with the eco3 air purifer system.

When it comes to our health and our environment, good air quality is indispensable for us.

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We offer all operators with vehicles equipped with the eco3 air purifier, an identification sticker to put on their windscreen.

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identificación de vehículos equipados con eco3

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