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Hispacold equips 37 double-deck buses E400EV 100% electric ADL that will run through the city of London 04/06/2019

Hispacold equips 37 double-deck buses E400EV 100% electric ADL that will run through the city of London

37 ADL buses will have two integrated electrical equipment, developed by Hispacold, one for passengers, model DDE HP E400 EV and one for the driver, model DCAB HP E400 EV.

The relationship between Hispacold and ADL, takes places in London, where the British brand has received the order of 37 double-deck E440 EV buses equipped with our latest generation of air conditioning systems.

Last week ADL presented its new electric vehicle in London to numerous journalists and could witness the delivery of the first double-decker 83 passengers capacity E400 EV buses to London public transport, Each double-decker bus carries two integrated Hispacold electric equipment with pump reversible heat.

Both equipment are 100% electric, fully developed and manufactured by Hispacold. Thanks to their innovative management of heating, they allow to increase the operating range in winter below -10ºC. These equipment, the model DDE HP E400 EV for passengers and the model DCAB HP E400 EV for the driver, have been developed with the latest technology, being the most efficient systems on the market. As a result they are the most energy-efficient systems available on the market. Undoubtedly Hispacold continues to develop innovative air conditioning systems for electric vehicles generating new versions depending on market demand, and expanding the models available for new applications. This is evident in theis extremly light weight and integrated systems for double floor.

Our latest generation air conditioning systems will be integrated into the ADL E400 EV double-decker electric buses, providing efficient fuel consumption, allowing a noise-free experience por passangers, reducing environmental pollutants and increased seating capacity.