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Comfort for Cascais city buses with Hispacold 05/07/2021

Comfort for Cascais city buses with Hispacold

The Portuguese city of Cascais’ urban buses are equipped with Hispacold Breeze HVAC systems.

Cascais fleet of city buses has recently been reinforced with 79 new UNVI C21 vehicles. The bodywork for the UNVI C21 units has been manufactured by Camo, their capacity is for 32 seated passengers, and they have been equipped with Hispacold HVAC Breeze systems.

The Breeze range systems stand out on account of their reduced weight and dimensions (a reduction of more than 35% when compared to units from previous ranges). They also stand out for their great flexibility, adapting to all kinds of vehicles (city, intercity and coaches), regardless of the propulsion system they use, and to any vehicle roof radius. Furthermore, they are easily assembled (the mechanical attachment of the equipment to the vehicle roof minimizes installation time and costs), and increased execution cleanliness.

These units drastically reduce the refrigerant charge (up to 60% less charge than previous ranges), resulting in a reduction of up to 80% in GWP contribution.

Breeze units offer the option of incorporating an air extraction system that keeps air inside the vehicle renewed without having to install a specific extraction system, which derives in costs in savings.

The HVAC systems of the Breeze range offer high energy efficiency: by reducing the weight of the equipment and the kW/Kg ratio, consumption is reduced. In addition, by increasing the fresh air intake, and thanks to having the “free cooling” option available, we are able to reduce the temperature inside the vehicle, which greatly reduces the equipment’s operating times.

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