Buses and Coaches

Our HVAC systems can adapt to every kind of vehicle and weather, and they guarantee the highest comfort for passengers and drivers, with maximum power efficiency and minimum operating costs.

Buses and Coaches

This Catalogue contains the different AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS we have installed in vehicles for passengers' transport, from microbuses up to articulated buses. Beside these models of our systems, we have a wide range of EVAPORATORS and CONDENSERS.

List of vehicles - Models of split

Up to 10 seats

7RT 10 12RT

Up to 15 seats


Up to 20/25 seats

20.8H 25.H

Up to 30/35 seats20.D35.D 35.G 35.GT
30.G 30.DT 35.DT 30.GT
Up to 55/60 seats

55.A1 55.B1 55A.M155.A2
55.B2 55A.M2 55.A3 55.B3
55A.M3 55S.A4 55S.B4 55S.A5

Urban vehicles (12m)

12.A3 12.B3 12.F3 12.AT
12.BT 12.IT

Articulated vehicles (18m)

80.AI 80.B0

Double decker vehicles